In this session, participants prepared meals for the different age groups from locally available  foods  such  as  millet,  cassava,  eggs,  silver  fish  (omena),  groundnuts  paste  (odii),  tamarind, meat,  and  green vegetables.

Demonstrations on how to  weigh  food  and  prepare meat  for infants and young children, among others  were conducted. Different cooking methods like  steaming and  simmering were used.

Mixing of VMP  into  prepared mashed/semi-solid foods was  demonstrated  to  VHTs.  They  were  allowed  to  taste  food  mixed  with  VMP.  The participants  confirmed  no  color  change  and  taste  of  food  after  adding  VMP.

VHTs  were cautioned on adding VMP to hot and liquid foods. Additionally  VMP was added  to hot water and cold water to demonstrate the changes expected to occur.

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