Project Title: Cash Basket Monitoring (CBM)

Project Status: Closed

Area of Operation: Lobule, Rhino camp, Adjumani, refugee settlements in West Nile Region

 About the Programme: Cash Basket distribution was implemented by United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) in partnership with World Vision in the refugee settlements of  Lobule, Rhino camp, and Adjumani. Cash Management Committees (CMC) and the Refugee Welfare Council (RWC) mobilized the beneficiaries to collect cash at the distribution points. Cash handouts to beneficiaries were carried out by Post bank. Along with the cash distributions, Andre Food Consult conducted cash basket monitoring in partnership with UNWFP.


The objectives of CBM were to assess

  • the cash rations provided to beneficiaries in relation to their entitlements
  • levels of satisfaction by beneficiaries in regard to amount of cash received
  • the challenges met by beneficiaries when receiving cash handouts
  • the efficacy of the process which also include physical organization of the beneficiaries in the CDP
  1. Project Title: Home Fortification with Vitamin And Mineral Powder (VMP)

Project Status: Closed

Main Objective: To reduce the prevalence of micro-nutrient deficiencies among children aged 6-23 months

Areas of Operation: Teso Region; (Amuria and Katakwi districts)

 About the Programme:

Andre Food Consult (AFC) in partnership with UNWFP implemented the home fortification with Vitamin and Mineral Powder programme from July 2015 to June 2016. The programme was implemented as part of strategies to promote Infant and Young Feeding (IYCF) practices through the already existing health system. The programme was extended for three months (for a transition phase) to enable AFC mentor health workers from the district local government who were to take over implementation of the programme at facility level with funding from UNWFP.

The VMP programme was implemented through distribution of VMP sachets; containing 15 vitamins and minerals packed in 30 single use 1g sachets served to caregivers of children aged 6 to 23 months for a period of 2 months for each eligible child. The VMP was then mixed in ready to eat complementary food and the child fed within 30 minutes every other day.

BCC programme involved executing complementary activities for example; nutrition crusades, radio talk shows and spot messages, community dialogues, training of health workers, training of caregivers, follow up of beneficiaries, distribution of IEC materials, and sensitization in places of worship.

Other programme activities included beneficiary identification and enrollment, inspection of health facility stores, and Post Distribution Monitoring, sensitization of religious leaders

AFC also participated in other activities such as mass immunization and Joint supervisions by UNWFP and district officials.

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