Transforming Anyakun’s household in Moroto through the community management of acute malnutrition

Lokut Moses a 24month old boy is a third born child to Anyakun Natee a single motherfrom kadilakeny village, Rupa sub-county Moroto district. Anyakun hadearlier lost her first two children to malnutrition. According to her “the fist two children grow small due tolack of food in her house then just started swelling ( developed odema) and eventually died”. In March 2017 Lokut was identified in the community by theVHT who referred him to loketyakak supplementary feeding (SFP) site which is attached to rupa health centre II.On arrival, Lokut was re-assesed where he was eventually diagnosed with Severe Acute Malnutrition with Odema grade III (SAMO).


Because of the odema grade III, Lokut was referred to Moroto regional referral hospital for Inpatient Therapeutic Care (ITC).Lokut’s mother however had a number of constraints among which were, lack of money and the fact that she had a breastfeeding baby who was just 3 month old by then. Andre Foods International therefore offered transportation and provided basic needs for the one week that Lokut stayed at the hospital.Lokut was referred to OTC for continum of careafter he cured in ITC however, there was no RUTF to manage Lokut in OTC. Because Lokut could not qualify for SFP, AFI decided to manage lokut at his home using aLocally

home using aLocally formulated therapy METU-1. Anyakun was trained on formulation (6 table spoons of sorghum flour, 4 table spoons of groundnut powder, 4 table spoons of sugar and 1 table spoon of ghee to make porridge for a single serving) and preparation of METU-1. AFI alsoprovidedher withsughum flour, sugar, ghee and ground nut powder anda source pan, spoons, a jug, plate and cups. Nakut was as well trained oninfant and young child feeding practices (IYCF), good hygiene and sanitation and early childhood development (ECD). The mother was asked to prepare METU-1 two times a day and encouraged to share family food with Lokut. On the contrary she was discouraged from sharing the theraputic porridge as it was only meant for Lokut.


Lokut re-assesed before discharge from SFP

Lokut had neither walked all his life nor crawled. He was not recieving affection since the mother already had another baby to care for. AFI conducted weekly follow-up visits to Anyakun Natee’s home to ensure thatshe adhered to theinstructions of METU-1 usage.

During one of the home visits to Anyakuns home, it was noticed that Anyakun did not know how to attach her 3months old baby to the breast while breastfeeding.In response,she recieved training on appropriate attachment while breast feeding. She was also provided with a broom, watering can, some vegetable seeds and water storage vessels. These could help her improve on hygiene and  sanitation and the household livelihood.

Her VHT encouraged her to recieve family planning which she eventually did.  By August 2017, Lokut had a MUAC of 12.5cm (green), was able to stand and crawl.Lokut was then enrolled to supplementary feeding programme for continum of care using CSB++. During the nutrition and health education sessions, Anyakun testified to other mother/caretakers about how her son Lokut was able to recover from severe acute malnutrition with use of METU-1 and better child care practices.

During August 2017, AFI in partnership with the UWFP was  providing protective rations to all households whose member/members were moderately malnourished from which Anyakuns household also benefited.  Today Ayakun testifies and volunteers to demonstrate the preparation of Metu-1 to mothers/caregivers of malnourished children.She encourages them to use it whenever they see signs of malnutrition among their children

She also encourages them to practice good hygiene and sanitation. In addition, Anyakun urged other mothers/caretakers to play with their childrensince it is very important for child growth and development. In one of the community dialogues on held in Anyakuns village (Kadilakeny) in Rupa sub-county, Lokut’s father stood up to appreciate Andre Foods International and World Food Programme for commining to the rescue of his daughter and the community as well. The local council chairperson also expressed his gratitude. He requested us to continue reaching out to more community members who are going through the same challenge as Anyakun.

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