Story by Muwonge Andrew, M&E – West Nile Refugee Response

Night Adania, a 48-year-old mother is a resident of Ocea zone, Rhino camp – Arua district. Adania arrived in Uganda in 1997 from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), fleeing wars and other insurgencies. Since arrival in Uganda, Adania and her family of 7 have been depending on the World Food Programme General Food Assistance Programme (GFA).

Unlike other refugees who receive in kind transfers under GFA, Adania receives cash under the Cash Based Transfer Programme (CBT). She voluntarily transferred to the CBT in 2016. The CBT involves Cash transfers in form of physical bank notes given to beneficiaries through Post Bank the financial Service Provider there by empowering them to feed on food purchases from the nearby local markets.

“Before WFP enrolled my household to receive cash, we only ate posho, beans and CSB+ porridge throughout the year” Adania narrates. “My family now eats variety of foods purchased from our local markets here at Ocea and Kubala.” She adds.

         Adania receives cash at Ocea FDP, Rhino Camp.

Rhino Camp refugee settlement located in Uganda, West Nile, Arua district, hosts refugees majority of whom fled from South Sudan and DRC. The CBT programme is implemented under GFA in Rhino camp by Andre Foods International in partnership with World Food Programme and Post Bank Uganda as part of a policy mix that advances social wellbeing in general, reducing food insecurity as well as boosting nutrition through dietary diversification among households.

Adania and AFI Field Monitor, Jimmy verifying if the cash received corresponds to the family size.

“With cash transfers, I’m confident that my children can have a balanced diet as they continue to grow into responsible citizens” says Adania. 

Several home visits were carried out by the AFI Cash Transfer Officer to share with Adania key messages on financial literacy.

Night narrates to the AFI Cash Transfer Officer at her residential home in Ocea during a follow-up visit

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