Lives transformed through the new assistance collection procedures

Story by Eric Oteba, Food Assistance Manager – Kiryandongo Refugee Response.

Doris Nini, a 34-year-old mother of 4 fled South Sudan in 2015 when the conflict broke out in her home village, Mundri – Western Equatorial.

“I walked with my children for seven days and nights. We had limited water and food.” Doris recalls.

Shortly after her arrival, Doris was reunited with her husband and other relatives at Kiryandongo refugee settlement.

“I was so happy to see the father of my children again. With him by my side, I knew there was hope of rebuilding our lives.” Doris says with a smile.

However, Doris was not satisfied with the way food assistance was collected.

“We had to join long queues to collect food at the distribution points. The food was then distributed by a leader among the group members without proper weighing. I felt cheated.”

In 2018 United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) in partnership with Andre Foods International (AFI) introduced a new food collection procedure in Kiryandongo refugee settlements with the objective to transform and take refugee food assistance to the best possible standard.

“The system is highly organized.” Doris explains. “The date, time and family sizes to collect food is clearly specified on ration boards. The food is scooped for every individual and weighed on the scale to confirm.” She adds.


Among other changes Doris is also pleased with the new layout of the final distribution point (FDP), beneficiary sensitization and the additional support provided to people with special needs.

“Adequate waiting shades are provided, there is no crowding and important of all, a pre-address to sensitize Persons of Concern (PoCs) on process flow, food basket, nutrition, and health-related education is carried out in English and the local languages.”

Doris lives with her extended family at cluster N in Ranch 37- Kiryandongo Refugee Settlement. Her children go to outstanding schools in the settlement and she is convinced they will keep excelling in the class.

During one of the follow-ups, Doris showcased how she has applied the key messages shared by AFI during distributions.

Doris was also trained by AFI to grow vegetables in her backyard garden to supplement the monthly food rations and to earn extra income through vegetable sale in the local markets.

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