AFI works with development partners by providing a comprehensive approach to solving community / public nutrition problems through:

  • Baseline nutrition studies, EPI & Sanitation surveys and other related studies in health and nutrition.
  • Identification of community-based PRA activities.
  • Developing and implementing projects that solve the prevailing health and nutrition problems.
  • Participation in HIV/AIDS related programmes.
  • Tackling individual malnutrition problems like obesity and diabetes etc.
  • Addressing breastfeeding, pregnancy, adolescent, elderly as well as early child-hood nutrition problems at all levels.
  • Involvement in supplementary feeding and weight reduction programmes.
  • Developing community-based food preservation and preparation techniques (diet formulation at household level)
  • Participating in immuno-compromised feeding programmes
  • Providing support in food marketing and food distribution (supplementary feeding programmes).

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