Community Based Supplementary Feeding (CBSFP)

2009 to date AFI is in partnership with UNWFP as A Funder to implement Community Based Supplementary Feeding Programme in four districts of Karamoja; Moroto, Napak, Nakapiripirit and Amudat targeting mainly moderately malnourished children aged 6-59 months (85%), pregnant and lactating women (10%) and the elderly (5%). The programme also entails management of OTC referral and discharges from all health centers in southern karamoja. In addition to the program activities, AFI also conducts complimentary activities (sustainability strategies) such as;

  • Chicken for Health project piloted in Nakapiripirit with selected caregivers to support households improve livelihoods and income through local chicken rearing. “Chicken 4 Health” groups were formed at parish level comprising of 5 exemplary mothers/caregivers. The group members are selected from each parish through a consensus amongst other mothers/caregivers. Each group receives 5 chicken (1 cock and 4 hens).
    • Training of primary school pupils of primary four and five in 22 selected primary schools about basic nutrition and health as well as best WASH practices within their communities.
    • Distribution of drought resistant seeds (cereals) to selected mother care groups to improve household food security in the selected households.
    • Training mothers/caregivers on formulation of food supplement from locally available staple foods i.e. Sorghum, peanut, honey and ghee. This has helped empowered mothers/caregivers reduce moderate malnutrition within their homes.
    • Airing of radio spot messages and conducting of community nutrition crusades. These have been a platform through which information about nutrition and health is sent out to the community.
    • Exchange visits between the Pokots and Pian/Chekwii to learn and share best health and nutrition practices from each other and peaceful coexistence.

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